It was going so well

One of the issues we have with Antony is that for numerous reasons he tends to bang his head. If he has a meltdown, he’ll throw himself to the floor. Sometimes he’s running and gets distracted and trips over himself.

So we get big bumps on his forehead quite often. It’d been a few weeks since the last one and he’d had a really good week. His teachers told us that he was really settled yesterday morning and he’d been a star eating his lunch.

Sod’s law dictates that such favourable conditions can’t persist, so at lunch he fell and banged his head again. School react like you’d expect when a child has an egg-sized lump suddenly appear on their forehead. Suggestions that we take him to the doctors or A&E. Now, we know that Antony is prone to bruising on his head so it didn’t worry us as much as them.

From experience I know that the GP won’t see him for a head injury. They’ll send us to A&E, but a 5 hour wait isn’t great when the patient struggles to sit still for 5 minutes. As always in this situation I call 111 – this makes sure the incident is recorded and we get advice from a professional. It’s usually the same: don’t let him sleep for more than an hour, call 999 if he goes unresponsive.

Thankfully this time he recovered quickly and after a dose of paracetamol he felt much better. But it pushed us over a line we’d hoped not to cross. We’re going to buy him a head guard. We talked to his headteacher about it and his concern was the same as ours – it’ll make him stand out on the playground. But safety is paramount. Now we just have to figure out how to get him to wear it!

Good days and bad days

Like everyone, we have days both good and bad.

A good day is like last Tuesday: Get Antony to school without fuss, he amazes us all by sitting through a 90 minute long pantomime, eats his lunch and his tea and goes to bed without complaint.

A bad day… well, I don’t have specific examples, but those are the ones where Antony comes home with bumped head notes where he’s had a meltdown and headbutted a door.  The ones where he refuses to eat his tea, the ones where he works himself up into a kicking, screaming mess because he wanted to wear a coat even though he’s indoors and it’s really warm. The ones where we put on our smiles and pretend that it’s all okay and that we’re coping. The ones that end with us wondering what we’re doing wrong.

Thankfully the good days far outweigh the bad. Both Antony and Lucas bring us so much happiness, and we wouldn’t change them for the world because who they are is amazing. But we are only human.